Customer Reviews for Ashley Law in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Adastra SV

While the project I called Elizabeth with was not a fit… Elizabeth was gracious with her time, friendly and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to get back in touch with her for a future project that is a fit. She also provided me with the name of a person that would be a great fit for my project!

Joelle Medina

Elizabeth Ashley was wonderful! She was able able talk me through the pros and cons of a real estate transaction, one that she doesn’t even do. She gave me two great referrals and good advice. I highly recommend her.

P Wong

Within 5 minutes of having a conversation with Elizabeth, you immediately recognize her expertise in legal matters. She will assess whether it makes sense to take legal action. I highly recommend her. If there is an instance where I need to go to court, I would want Elizabeth on my team.


Ashley was nothing but great from the start. Although the help I needed wasn’t her specialty, she took the extra time to speak with me and helped guide me in the right direction. Ashley knows the law and cares about her clients. She is someone I want by my side representing my company!!!

Philip Tortora

Elizabeth is a well-versed real estate attorney and expert who provides invaluable legal advice. If you are in need of guidance on complex or complicated real estate legal matters, I highly recommend reaching out to her.

Eternal Peace

Ashley provided honest assessment of our commercial tenant dispute and saved us from potential waste of money.

Angela Fuller

Very forthright, gave me some tough love! Understood exactly what my problem was and how to fix it. Will call her again for sure and do business

Judy Atkins

I just spoke with Elizabeth Ashley about a matter that she herself doesn’t handle but was absolutely the most helpful person I could have found. Her referral to the type of firm I need was spot on. Just from speaking to her she earned my total respect.

Jack Fredericks

I really appreciate your time and knowledge that you provided. It was very eye opening for my situation. Thank you

Sarah Taube

Although I didn’t hire Ashley to perform any services for me, she answered my call directly and answered multiple questions that I had in regards to and EMD dispute. She was honest and didn’t sugarcoat my situation. It was a free consultation, and I left the conversation with good advice and a resolution. Will definitely consider her if I need any future real estate law related needs!

Jen Knight

We recently moved to the area and reached out to Elizabeth to help us work through an issue we had with our HOA. She was very informative, knowledgeable and understanding of the direction that needed to be taken. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in her area of expertise.


I talked to Elizabeth who offered great advice and lead me in the right direction on an issue I had buying a home. I had called many other legal offices and they all wanted to set up appointments for 15mins talks. Elizabeth answered right away and answered all my questions, told me what to do. We ended the conversation with me feeling very confident in the next steps I should take with the issues I had. Thank you again Elizabeth. If I ever need to legal services, she will be the first person I call!

Janski Wagner

I called Elizabeth regarding my real estate contract dispute. Firstly, SHE answered the phone. It was not a recording stating she would return the call. I tried that with another law firm and I haven’t heard back yet. Elizabeth listened to my concerns regarding the real estate dispute and asked appropriate questions for clarification. Her manner was understanding with professionalism. She explained with clarity the legal issues at hand and offered numerous choices for handling the matter. She offered options and her legal opinion for handling the issue at no charge. As I was discussing my concerns, she offered assurance that some of my concerns were not to be worried about; and others were possibly something that could be worked out. She was very helpful and I will not hesitate to hire her for representation if I need to. I highly recommend Elizabeth for any real estate transactions.

Frank Robles

New to the area and needed a lawyer for an issue on a house I purchased in Henderson. Unfortunately the problem I had was not discovered until after escrow closed, but Attorney Ashley personally answered the phone when I called (amazing) and in detail explained why it wouldn’t be financially prudent for me to proceed at this time. What I learned about the escrow process was very enlightening and very helpful. And Attorney Ashley didn’t charge me anything, which was an unexpected surprise. So grateful. I would give Attorney Ashley 10 stars if I could.

Sandra Souza

Currently I am in the real estate transaction from hell and needed legal advice pronto. I called several law offices, but no one could help me. However, one office offered Elizabeth Ashley’s name and phone number. I immediately called expecting to get a receptionist, but instead got Elizabeth herself. She very willingly listened to my story and without hesitation offered her thoughts. A couple days later I realized I forgot to ask one question. Not realizing it was a Saturday, I dialed her number again and once more she answered. She listened again, and without hesitation, gave me her thoughts. I am now armed with information that should yield me the results I want. Thank you, Elizabeth. You are truly a gracious lady and I am forever in your debt.

Manny Young

I have property in Henderson NV and have contacted Elizabeth Ashley on two separate occasions seeking legal advice. I found Elizabeth to be exceptionally knowledgeable and very helpful. She was patient to listen to the matters that concerned me and then offered her advice. Surprisingly in both cases she advised me with alternate resources that would be less expensive and beneficial. She did of course offer her services if needed or if the other resources failed. I would highly recommend speaking with Elizabeth if you have any legal issues. Her actions show that if you do require her services, she would really help you and not take advantage of you.

Donna Marchant

Best $375 I spent. Possibly saved me $600,000 and having the home I purchased taken back. In short Elizabeth confirmed suspicious title defects and explained the consequences if the defects are not taken care of. Like I said the best $375 I spent. Thank you Elizabeth.

Kendall Ricci

I contacted Elizabeth Ashley in reference to an easement that was not disclosed on title. We had a phone consult ending with good advice and I feel confident I’m on the right track to resolving the issue. She was most helpful and I will utilize her services if needed in the future. Thank you!!

Bob Edwards

If Real Estate is the Question – Elizabeth Ashley has the Answer !
After a free phone consultation every question was 110% answered.
She even suggested that I didn’t need to retain an attorney and when was the last time you heard that…

Bob P

I engaged with Ms. Ashley about a rental lease issue that I encountered and needed some advice on. She did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather the facts and the truth of the situation. Her clear guidance was instrumental in my decision moving forward. If you want clear, legal based counsel, I highly recommend Ms. Elizabeth Ashley

David Bell

Elizabeth Ashley is the kind of lawyer that you want, she fights for you , shes smarter and quicker in court than other lawyers. She represented my wife and I 12 years ago and totally destroyed the other side in court, we won and got everything we were owed. Recently I called her to ask about another issue and we talked on the phone for 20 minutes for no charge. What other lawyer would do that? She really knows real estate law, shes the aggressive, focused lawyer that you need.

Eliot Ripoll

I received a referral from a friend to contact Elizabeth Ashley for an issue with a new builder. Elisabeth took the time to explain to me what my options were, even gave me bad news which I am appreciative of. I’m so tired of businesses in whatever category, sugar coating my situation so they can get my business. Even though I put myself in a bad situation, I appreciate the integrity, time and honesty from Elizabeth. Thank you!!! I will be letting anyone that needs your services know how to contact you.

Steve Littig
Elizabeth Ashley was the one attorney that would take the time to meet with an elderly client of mine whom was a victim of an underhanded real estate deal. She was able to quickly ascertain the facts of the case and recommend a resolution that would limit, if not eliminate, unnecessary legal fees. All parties were satisfied and appreciative.
Lee Barrett

I have referred clients and have found the service to be amazing. I am a Real Estate Broker and have practiced real estate for over 39 years .